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Coastal Building Approval Service

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Coastal Building Approval Service

48 Gingham Street
Glenella, Mackay QLD 4740
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About Coastal Building Approval Service


Coastal Building Approval Service offers building certification for domestic, commercial, and industrial development; with a commitment to Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction. Coastal Building Approval Service staff has in excess of 30 years experience in the Building and Construction industry with the last 10 years in Private Building Certification.
With many years experience and a unique hands-on approach to all facets of building and construction, we provide the following services:
·         Building approval and inspections
·         Co-ordination of plumbing approval with Mackay Regional Council
·         Assessment against town planning schemes & existing approvals
·         Co-ordinate boundary relaxations and over sized sheds
·         Classification (occupancy) certificate
·         Electronic lodgement - save time, lodge your application electronically
·         Electronic building approvals - save time, if requested your approval may be emailed to you
With affiliate and contract staff, Coastal Building Approval Service is able to provide Building Certification Services anywhere between Sarina and Bowen.
Approval for properly made applications for Class 1 (Dwellings) & Class 10 (Sheds) buildings is available within twenty business days from the date of receipt. For an additional fee, your application may be fast tracked (dependent on current workload) however this can only occur upon receipt of all the relevant information required to process the application.

Business Profile for Coastal Building Approval Service

Service Radius

Up to 250 KM from Glenella, Mackay QLD 4740

Payment Methods Accepted

  • Cash On Delivery / Pick-Up

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