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Container Hoardings Pty Ltd

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Container Hoardings Pty Ltd

19 Severn St
St Marys NSW 2760
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About Container Hoardings Pty Ltd

Welcome to Container Hoardings

We specialise in hire of containerised hoardings and hoist platforms to the building and construction industry. We can provide all hoarding requirements including pedestrian walkways, traffic/truck access bridges, lighting, swing barriers, and gates.

"Engineered container specialists"

We also can create custom container modifications such as water treatment tanks, workshops, and one-off specialised containers. We love a good challenge and take pride in providing equipment that is not only well made but will do what you expect it to.

You can be assured that we will meet deadlines and provide you with tailor made solutions.

If you have an unwanted shipping container, ask us for a buyback price.

To find out how we can help you, contact us now on or call now on 02 8543 3820.

Business Profile for Container Hoardings Pty Ltd

Service Radius

Up to 10000 KM from St Marys NSW 2760

Delivery Radius

Up to 10000 KM from St Marys NSW 2760

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