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John Wood Consultancy Services

We Provide

  • Trade and/or Professional Services

John Wood Consultancy Services

17 Macgregor Drive
Birkdale QLD 4159
59 338 442 417
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About John Wood Consultancy Services


John Wood Consultancy Services Pty Ltd
ABN: 59 338 442 417
ACN: 125 532 498
Web Site:
John Wood Consultancy Services Pty Ltd (JWCS) was established in December 2000, building on 12 years experience as the Principal Recreation and Environmental Planner with EDAW (Australia) Pty Ltd and Loder and Bayly Consulting. JWCS incorporated as a Company in 2007.
JWCS provides specialist planning, management and policy advice in the following areas:
Ø World Heritage Areas, National Parks, wilderness and natural areas;
Ø Ecotourism and outdoor recreation;
Ø Urban parks and open spaces;
Ø Sport and recreation;
Ø Workshop facilitation and community consultation;
Ø Training (recreation planning and open space management);
Ø Project management; and
Ø Expert witness.
JWCS has worked on projects throughout Australia and in China, Laos and Saudi Arabia.
JWCS operates in collaboration with an extensive network of Australian and International specialists who have proven track records for delivering quality products and offering a superior level of expertise. This team approach to consultancy is based on the belief that clients expect value for money and top quality, personalized service by the principal consultants nominated in a proposal.
The quality of JWCS work can be ascertained by contacting the referees (supplied as part of this application) who will attest to quality products, delivered on time and to budget.

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Up to 10000 KM from Birkdale QLD 4159

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  • VISA

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