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Video Control Room

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Video Control Room

33 Star Crescent
Melbourne VIC 3803
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About Video Control Room

Here at Video Control Room our motto is 'DONT BE ANNOYING' Thats right, no more annoying late night phone calls, no more getting robbed, no more waiting days to get new users programmed. We have been working around the clock to deliver a security service better than anything the world has ever seen. The good news is YOU CAN AFFORD IT!

VideoControlRoom delivers video services that replace the manpower required for a number of security and management functions. Our services are cheaper, faster and completely transparent. They value add your security system installation providing you a greater return on your security dollar.


All of VideoControlRoom’s billable services cost approximately $5 per event. Each of our plans includes a certain number of billable services per month, with additional use charged at $5 per event. This lets you keep your costs low if you are a light user (i.e. small indoor video monitored site) or manage your costs if you are a large site full manpower replacement services. For more detail see plans


Video Services Overview

VideoControlRoom’s delivers video services that replace the manpower approach to a number of tasks previously undertaken by security and management personal. Our video services are cheaper, faster and completely transparent. They value add your security system installation providing you a greater return on your security dollar.


Video Alarm Response

Using our unique cameratrap technology VideoControlRoom replays 10 seconds of video to verify the alarm event. We then classify the threat – If intruder we respond with audio (where fitted) and calls to key holder, police and security patrol.
Video Alarm response means no more getting woken up for false alarm events, and no more waiting 30 mins for someone to drive to site.
Check out real break-ins caught live by VideoControlRoom and see the power of our Video Alarm Response.

Compare our Video Alarm Response Vs Conventional Security

See real video alarm responses


Video Patrols

A scheduled task that directs VideoControlRoom’s surveillance team to check a camera or cameras for security risks, i.e. a gate left open at a certain time, lights being turned off when they shouldn’t.

Compare our Video Patrols Vs Conventional Security


Remote Arming / Disarming

Everyone’s left site and forgotten to arm the alarm system? No problem, with real time remote connectivity to alarm panels we can remotely arm the system saving you that long drive from home.

Compare Remote arming / Disarming Vs driving to site


Managed Access

If you employ a static guard to mind your site, or drive down at night or on weekends to let in deliveries, pick ups or contractors you will love our managed access service. Working off your pre-authorised access list the VideoCntrolRoom surveillance team checks the person or driver, disarms the relevant alarm area and remotely opens the appropriate gate or door.

Compare Managed Access Vs Static Guarding


System monitoring

All our packages include systems monitoring. This is a service that alerts our Surveillance team when a camera goes offline, or a hard drive in the video server fails. This services keeps all your equipment working in top condition for when you need it most.

Compare Systems monitoring with conventional camera system management


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Video Control Room Provides The Following Products and Services

Business Profile for Video Control Room

Service Radius

Up to 10000 KM from Melbourne VIC 3803

Delivery Radius

Up to 10000 KM from Melbourne VIC 3803

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