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Workplace Access & Safety Pty Ltd

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Workplace Access & Safety Pty Ltd

9-11 Shearson Crescent
Mentone VIC 3194
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About Workplace Access & Safety Pty Ltd

  Workplace Access & Safety provide a total end-to-end solution for fall prevention and safe work at heights. Established in 1997, we have over 45 of years industry experience and work with companies to ensure that their safety system meets their individual requirements and needs, whilst complying to all relevant state and Australian laws and regulations.


As part of our total solution we are able to work with you on a consultancy level, providing safety audits, risk assessments and ensuring that you clearly understand all that is required on-site to ensue that your building is safe and legal. Our design and installation teams offer knowledge that can help you understand the true cost of your installation, whilst providing a system that will work for you today and for years to come. We partner with companies for the long-term. That is why we provide on-going training and inspection services, ensuring that your people and equipment always conforms to the most stringent standards and legal requirements.


With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, we have the capabilities and size to work with you what-ever the size of your project. Our team of experts are always willing to offer guidance and advice. In fact, your business can take advantage of our specialist knowledge, even if you're not installing fall prevention systems right now. Our experts run regular training for those working at heights and their supervisors. Our short workshops and seminars are perfect for facility managers, tenants and landlords who need to understand their obligations under the law. Whatever you need to know about fall prevention and safe work at heights, call us.

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Up to 10000 KM from Mentone VIC 3194

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Up to 10000 KM from Mentone VIC 3194

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